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Another day in heartland, the whole crew was hanging out today at the Heartland Mall. All I can say is that some of the girls, not all, were busy shopping clothes while some of the guys were at the food court eating til our heart is content. Of course Tori and I were late. "Next time I should have set that alarm clock on!" I noted. "Well, we have to hurry! The rest of them are there already!" Tori explained. "Oh gawd! Save me a chilli cheese burger and Ice cream tacos guys!" I worried. Then I blitz right through the wole city to get to the mall. Tori was close too.

As we got there, Yuma was there and noticed us. "Yuma!" I yelled. Then tripped and slid on my face. All I can say is, "...ow." "Are we late!" Tori asked. "Yeah, the guys almost ate everything in the food court and some of the girls are shopping." Yuma explained. "Well then I gotta go! See yah Yuma." She said giving him a peck on his cheek. Need I to mention Yuma is going out with my sister, that's enevitable. Then I just remembered something, "Have you guys saved anything for me!" "Well I got dibs on the last Ice cream taco." Yuma replied. "I'll race you for it!" I proclaimed. "You're on! But you;re gonna go hungy!" Yuma accepted. "On your mark," I said. "Get set!" Yuma replied as we got to our position. "Flow!" The both of us screamed. "We're feeling the flow!" Yuma and I said trying to get there for the prize. It was a close race. Litter Bots were the ONYL big obstacle.

Meanwhile on the top floor. Tori manage to catch up with her friends. "Hey Tori, isn't that your boyfriend and brother racing through the mall?" Sei asked. "Huh?" Tori replied while trying to catch her breath and she looked behind on the bottem floor. "Oh no..." Tori said worried.

"I'm gonna beat you!" I proclaimed. "No I am!" Yuma replied witht he same spirit. "No I am!" "No I am!" Then the both of us said, "UUUuuuururrrrgh!" "There's the taco!" I proclaimed and kicked it into high gear. "Yuma kicked it up a notch also and was a neck and neck. Caswell noticed and joked, "It's Neck and Neck! Who will win for the taco! The Firery Spirited Yuma or the Hyperactive Tony! Tony is winnign! No wait Yuma is! No it's a close one!" "This is like a horse race!" Bronk proclaimed. "Go Tony!" Megan said. "Watch how he is going to derp this one out! Get a camera and take a picture!" Isaiah said laughing. Caswell is still reporting and Isaiah is dying of laughter. Megan got her phone out and tried to take picture and to have proof of a photo finish.

"Who you're rooting for Tori? Your brother or your boyfriend?" Sei asked. "I don't even know this one. They both are equal in terms of athletics, and sometimes risky." "Tori replied. "But still who are rooting for?" Anna asked. "Hmm..." Tori mumbled as she gave it her thoughts. She then got an answer. "Neither." Tori said. "Neither?" Anna and Sei asked. "Well I know them pretty well and I just know that one of them is gonna trip over." Tori explained. "Good point." The other two answered.

The two were at it and then, of course I was the one to trip. Luckily it triped Yuma also. I stood up and ran but Yuma grabbed my leg. Then he started to run and I grabbed his leg. "Unbelievable! This is now a chain race! To see who will get the last Ice cream taco! Will Tony be the first to cross or Yuma?" Caswell joked as he makes rants about this race. This chain goes for a while just to let you guys know.

"Oh boy, they really out done themselves in competitions." Tori said while having a sweat drop.

Then the both of us lay down for a bit, get in position and raced again. We were almost there and, Flash. The both of us fell over and slid across the room, knocking a few chairs in the way also.

"Oooo, That is gotta hurt." Anna responded.

"Who Won?" said the half conscience me. Megan looked at her phone and say that by a pixal of hair, Yuma won. "Damn crazy hair." I whispered while laughing. "Hey Yuma, you got some new cards. You wanna duel for the Chilli Cheese burger? They have new ones out now!" "Yeah, but If I win, you pay for my burger." Yuma said. "Well if I win, YOU pay for my burger Yuma!" I replied. "Fine then! I won't be paying anytime soon." Yuma said with a smirk. "We'll see." I said with my sadistic smirk.

Both: Duel Disk Set!
Yuma: Duel Gazer! Let's Roll!
Tony: Duel Gazer! Activate!

<Authentic Reality Vision Link: Established>

Yuma: I'm going against the world Champ! This is awesome!

Tony: Same here!

Both: Let's Duel!

Turn: 1
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Yuma: Get Set to get Get Decked! I draw! Now I summon Ganbara Knight in attack mode!

Pos: Atk  Ganbara Knight: Atk: 0 / Def: 1800

Yuma: I will place one card facedown and end my turn.

Turn: 2
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Tony: Well, I'm just telling you that I'm using my watt deck with some new friends, so. Ore no Turn! Draw! First I summon Gem knight Torumaline!

Pos: Atk   Gem Knight Tourmaline: Atk: 1600 / Def: 1800

Yuma: Not so fast! I activate my face down card! Trap Hole! Now since you summoned a monster with 1000 or more attack oints, I get to destroy that monster.

Tony: Oh no! Well then, I activate Lightning vortex! Now by discarding a card, I destroy ALL of your monsters!

*discarded WattKiwi*

Yuma: AAh!

Astral: I see that you are having some troubles.

Yuma: He blasted all of my monsters!

Astral: Well then. He can't summon a monster so you are safe from direct attacks.

Yuma: Oh right.

Tony: If you are done talking to Astral, I will set one card down and end my turn.

Turn: 3
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Astral: Our move! Draw!

Yuma: Hey wait that's my line! I draw! I summon Alexandrite dragon!

Pos: Atk   Aleandrite Dragon: Atk: 2000 / Def: 100

Tony: I activate my trap card! Trap Hole! Just like you it will destroy the monster you just summoned since it has 1000 or more attack!

Yuma: Maybe that was a dumb move, I will end my turn.

Turn: 4
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Tony: Ore no turn! Draw! I will set one monster down and one card down and end my turn.

Turn: 5
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Yuma: My move! I draw! It's heartfelt appeal! Ok now I gotta go on the defensive side. I will set one monster down and set a card down and end my turn!

Astral: Interesting tactic.

Turn: 6
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Tony: Ore no turn! Draw!

Cosmo: So how's the duel going?

Tony: Its on a stale mate.

Cosmo: I see.

Tony: Hmm, Turn end.

Cosmo: <so he tactic is synchro summoning. Interesting.>

Turn: 7
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Yuma: OK I draw! I will set one monster down and end my turn!

Turn: 8
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Tony: Now I will speak english! I draw! I will set one monster down and end my turn!

Turn: 9
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 4000

Yuma: My move! I draw!

Astral: Do it Yuma!

Yuma: Alright! I flip summon Penguin Soldier!

Pos: atk  Penguin Soldier: atk: 750 / def: 500

Yuma: Now I activate his effect! Since he is fliped summon, Two of your monsters will be sent back to your hand!

Tony: My field is wide open!

Yuma: Step one! Now I flip summon Shien Knight!

Pos: Atk  Shine Knight: atk: 400 / def: 1900

Yuma: Now I summon Zubaba Knight!

Pos: Atk  Zubaba Knight: atk: 1600 / def: 900

Tony: Two level threes!

Yuma: I overlay Zubaba and Shine Knight and build the overlay network! I XYZ summon! Temtempo The precussion djinn

Pos: Atk  Temtempo the Precussion Djinn: Atk: 1700 / def: 1000

Yuma: I activate my monster's effect! By using one overlay unit! Temtempo is at 2200!

Temtempo: 2200/1000

Yuma: Now I attack Temtempo! Precussion Blast!

Tony: AAAaaaaaaaaah!

Tony: 1800 LP

Yuma: Now! Penguin Soldier attack! Icicle Slash!

Tony: Brrrrrrrrr

Tony: 1050 LP

Yuma: I will end my turn!

Turn: 10
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 1050

Tony: OK! That was a good move! Let's see if I can topped that! I draw! Since you have two more monsters than I do, I am able to special summon the fiend megacyber!

Pos: def  The Fiend MegaCyber: atk: 2200 / def: 1200

Tony: Now I set one monster down and I end my turn.

Turn: 11
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 1050

Yuma: Wow, two monsters in one turn to make up for the monster that was there before! I better make my move! I draw! It's over! I activate xyz energy! By using one overlay unit on my monster I get to destroy one monster on your field. I choose you face down monster!

*destroyed batteryman D*

Tony: Uh oh!

Yuma: Next I activate teh dark hole spell card! it destroys all monster on our field!

Tony: That's not good!

Yuma: It isn't! I summon GoGoGo Giant!

Pos: atk  GoGoGo Giant: atk: 2000 / def: 0


Yuma: Yeah! GoGoGo Giant! GoGoGo Slam!

*Huge Explosion*

*Smoke Cleared*

Yuma: I won!

Astral: Not quite! Look at him!

Yuma: What!

Tony: I activated wattkeeper. Now I get to special summon a wattmonster in my graveyard. I choose wattkiwi.

Pos: def  Wattkiwi: atk: 600 / def: 100

Tony: You've just destroyed a defensive position monster.

Astral: Another thing to. GoGoGo Giant is change into a defensive position monster when it attacks.

Yuma: So Giant is in defensive position now...with 0 defense points. I guess I will end my turn.

Turn: 12
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 1050

Tony: my move! Draw! I summon WattDragonfly in attack position!

Pos: atk  WattDragonfly: atk: 900 / def: 100

Tony: Now Wattdragonfly! Attack!

900 atk <-> 0 def

Tony: I will end my turn.

Turn: 13
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 1050

Yuma: I draw! I will set one card down and end my turn!

Turn: 14
Yuma: 4000
Tony: 1050

Tony: My move! I draw! I set down one monster and I activate wattcube!

Yuma: I activate my trap card Spell Shield Type 8! Now since a spell is targeted a monster! It destroyes it!

Tony: ugh... I attack! Wattdragonfly!

Yuma: ugh.....

Yuma: 3100 LP

Yuma: I activate my trap card! Heartfelt appeal! Now since I took battle damage! I control one of your highest defense position monster you have until the end of my turn! So come here Wattdragonfly!

Tony: I will end my turn!

Turn: 15
Yuma: 3100
Tony: 1050

Yuma: I draw! I activate burden of the almighty! Now for each level a monster have on your field, it decreased its attack points by that amount! Now I attack with wattdragonfly!

*destroyed watthopper*

Yuma: Now to get rid of this thing! I tribute the wattdragonfly! I tribute summon Frostosaurus!

Pos: atk  Frostosaurus: atk: 2600 / def: 1700

Tony: Thats a behemoth!

Yuma: I will end my turn!

Turn: 16
Yuma: 3100
Tony: 1050

Tony: I need to draw the right card!

Cosmo: I see your situiation is versitile. I will be of assistance now.

Tony: Ready?

Cosmo: Ready.

Tony and Cosmo: We draw! I will set one monster down and end my turn!

Turn: 17
Yuma: 3100
Tony: 1050

Yuma I draw! Hmm I will hold him on now. I will destroy that monster!

*destroyed watthopper*

Yuma: I end my turn. This duel is amazing. I'm actually beating the World Champion!

Turn: 18
Yuma: 3100
Tony: 1050

Tony: Don't get your hopes up I draw! I activate swords of revealing light! Now you can't attack for three turns! I set one card down and end my turn!

Turn: 19
Yuma: 3100
Tony: 1050

Yuma: I draw! I will set one monster down and end my turn!

SoRL: 1/3

Turn: 20
Yuma: 3100
Tony: 1050

Tony: I draw! I summon wattgiraffe!

Pos: atk  WattGiraffe: atk: 800 / def: 100 *burden of the almighty*

Tony: Wattgiraffe is allowed to attack directly! So attack! E-longated Head Smash!

Yuma: AAaaaah!

Yuma: 2300 LP

Tony: I end my turn!

Turn: 21
Yuma: 2300
Tony: 1050

Yuma: I draw! I flip summon Hane Hane! Now I return one of your monsters to your hand I choose Wattgiraffe!

Pos: atk  Hane-Hane: atk: 450 / def: 500

Yuma: I then summon goblindbergh! And he lets me summon shining angel from my hand

Pos: atk
Goblindbergh: atk: 1400 / def: 0

Shingin Angel: atk: 1400 / def: 800

Yuma: Goblindbergh is switch to defense position! Then I overlay those two and Build the overlay Neetwork! I XYZ summon Number 39: Utopia!

Pos: atk  Number 39: Utopia: Atk: 2500 / Def: 2000

Yuma: I will end my turn!

SoRL: 2/3

Turn: 22
Yuma: 2300
Tony: 1050

Tony: Ok I draw! I summon Wattgiraffe Again! And I attack directly!

Yuma: I activate Utopia's Special ability! By using ONE overlay unit! He negates that attack! Go Lightwing Shield!

Tony: I will set one card down and end my turn.

Turn: 23
Yuma: 2300
Tony: 1050

Yuma: Ok I draw! I place my hane-hane to defense mode and end my turn!

SoRL: 3/3

Turn: 24
Yuma: 2300
Tony: 1050

Tony: The sword is lifted and I draw! I flip summon Watthopper!

Pos: atk  Watthopper: atk 0 / def: 0

Tony: Now I tribute him! I tribute summoned! Batteryman Charger! Now I activate Battermayn carger's special ability! I get to special summon a batteryman monster from my deck! I special summon Batteryman AA!

Pos: atk  
Batteryman Charger: atk: 1800 / def: 1200
Batteryman AA: atk: 0 / def: 0

Tony: Now For each Batteryman AA on my field, it gains 1000 so its at 1000 atttack points! And Batteryman Charger lets him gain 300 attack and points for each thunder type monster on my field and I have 3.

Batteryman Charger: 2200/ 2100 *burden of the almighty*
Batteryman AA: 700/0 *Burden of the almighty.

Tony: Now Giraffe! Attack directly!

Yuma: I activate Utopia's ability! It negates that attack!

Tony: Now Utopia has no overlay units left! So he can be destroyed because of his effect! Batteryman AA attack Utopia!

*Destroyed Utopia*

Yuma: Utopia!

Tony: Now Charger! Attack Hane-Hane!

*destroyed Hane-Hane*

Tony: I will set one card down and end my turn!

Turn: 25
Yuma: 2300
Tony: 1050

Yuma: Ok I draw! I will set one monster down and then I activate Blustering winds! Now Frostosaurus gains 1000 attack points until my next standby phase! So I attack Charger!

Astral: The victory is almost secured.

Tony: I activate my facedown card! Sakuretsu armor! Now that monster is destroyed sicne it is about to attack me!

Yuma: He is turning the tables!

Astral: I see!

Yuma: I end my turn!

Turn: 26
Yuma: 2300
Tony: 1050

Tony: I draw! Wattgiraffe attack directly! E-Longated Head Smash!

Yuma: AAAaaaah!

Yuma: 1500 LP

Tony: Charger Attack! Charging Shockwave!

*destroyed Sangan*

Yuma: I activate Sangan's effect! Since he is destroyed I get to add one monster with 1500 or less attack points!

*added shield wing*

Tony: Then Batteryman AA attack Double A Zap!

Yuma: AAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAh!

Yuma: 800 LP

Yuma: Yup..he's turning the tables...

Tony: I end my turn Yuma...

Turn: 27
Yuma: 800
Tony: 1050

Yuma: Ok My move! I'm feeling the FLOW! I set down one monster and end my turn!

Turn: 28
Yuma: 800
Tony: 1050

Tony: I draw! Finish him off giraffe! Attack! E-Longated Head Smash!

Yuma: AAAaaaaaooooow!

Yuma: 0 LP

Turn: 27
Yuma: 0
Tony: 1050
Winner: Tony!

The AR is gone and Yuma got help standing up by me. "You had me going there Yuma. Your skills have improved alot." I cheered him. "Yeah, mayber I won't beat you now, but later I AM going to beat you in a duel!" Yuma proclaimed with a goofy grin. "You betcha!" I replied back with a goofy grin also. "Oh, guess I have to buy that Chilli Burger for yah now." Yuma remembered. "No worries. I buy it myself. I just wanna duel you that's all." I replied. Tori watched and gave a sigh and said, "Those two numb skulls. You just can't keep them down can't yah." She smiled and went to her friends for shopping.

"Isaiah you're my next victim!" I proclaimed across the tables. "You're on!" Isaiah in raged said. "Here we go again." Cosmo said with a sigh of relief that everything was normal for this group.
well another bonus story of this series! Plus have fun making this one since I have to use my brother's deck instead of the paper ones I made.
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